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Tips and tricks for Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2

Most of my work on servers is done for small and medium offices, involving a maximum of 50 clients. These networks are usually managed by a domaincontroller with Exchange and a terminal server. Not so long ago this would be installed on 2 different pieces of hardware to keep up performance, but in the current …

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Remote access to IASO online backup (Linux) on a Windows client

IASO’s Online Backup software has many advantages and there is even a client for Linux. Maintaining the backup on Linux without a GUI can be a real pain though, not to mention the fact that usually the admin installing the backup software on the server, and the one maintaining and checking the backups are not …

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Handy backup scripts

Making backups isn’t really a priority for most of us. But if you ever had a crash you know the horror of not having one. Here’s some basic scripts for various systems that preform automatic backups. I have added scripts for Cisco devices, MySQL backups for Linux and Synctoy file synchronisation (automated). For easy editing …

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