Remote access to IASO online backup (Linux) on a Windows client

IASO’s Online Backup software has many advantages and there is even a client for Linux. Maintaining the backup on Linux without a GUI can be a real pain though, not to mention the fact that usually the admin installing the backup software on the server, and the one maintaining and checking the backups are not the same person. There is a workaround to this though, you can access the Linux client via a Windows machine in the same (VPN) network.

This took some time to figure out though so here it goes. Install the Linux client as normal (there is a good manual on this on the IASO site). Make sure you have entered the right values on installing it, but it should be obvious where to enter the details you got from the Online Backup Service Provider.

Download the Windows Client from the IASO site, but not the normal installer, take the Client update package. This will provide a zipfile. Extract this zipfile to a location of your choosing.

Make a new batch-file (in the same location, or another but adapt the path if that is the case) with the following content:

BackupManager.exe fp -address ip_address_of_server -user username -password password -port 5314

As per usual on this blog, change the text marked in red. This should be the credentials for the Linux server itself. Make sure this user has permissions to execute the backup.

Now save and start the batchfile. The software will connect to the Linux machine (provided you have the right permissions and the port is open on the machine) and ask for another username and password. These are the credentials that are provided by your Online Backup Service Provider, thus the actual username/password that goes with the service itself.

You are now ready to configure the backup on the remote Linux machine like you normally do on a machine with GUI (ie like a Windows Server installation) via a Windows client PC.

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