Use Xplorer2 and customize the [Windows]+E key shortcut

If you like some control over your files and directories you probably have a filemanager installed for Windows. Recently I discovered Xplorer2 as a great alternative for Windows Explorer. It handles a bit like the good old Windows Commander, but with more options and a lot easier on the eyes. You can download that here. I use the professional version, cause I don’t have much use for portable versions. Its not free, but as the most used software on my PC, I don’t mind spending a few bucks on good software I use daily. On installing it, at the very end of the process, you get an option to make Xplorer2 your default filemanager for Windows.

After you installed it I recommend you get Teracopy as well. It speeds up file copy and is less intrusive than most optional copy extentions for Windows. You can download it free for personal use here, I dont think it is needed to get the pro version of that, unless you favor reports after big copy actions or are in a business environment.

Teracopy integrates perfectly with Xplorer2, all your Xplorer2 copy actions will be preformed by Teracopy once installed.

Last thing we need to do is override the [Windows] + E shortcut. As clicking direct links and desktop shortcuts to directories already start Xplorer2 in stead of Windows Explorer, this is the last change we need to make for full integration into Windows via almost all possible startups of Windows Explorer. For that we use AutoHotkey. Which is a great tool to automate any hotkey in Windows and add a macro to that.

After installing AutoHotkey, make a folder somewhere to store the macro’s (ie Documents\AHK macro\ folder). Rightclick in that folder, choose new and  AutoHotkey Script. Edit this new file and add the following:

#e:: Run “C:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2\xplorer2_64.exe” /M

Save this script as something obvious you can remember. You can now doubleclick this script to activate the function [windows] + E. You can put a shortcut to this script file in your menu startup folder. This ensures it works again after you reboot Windows.

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