My favorite Chrome extensions

The Chrome browser, I think everyone has at least heard of it, it’s fast, reliable and most importantly nice and clean. Well maybe a little too clean, sometimes you just need more functions that just aren’t there or are a bit hidden in the interface. That’s where extensions come in. I have made a list of my favorite Chrome extensions, I admit its far for a complete list of cool extensions, so feel free to share.

  • Bookmark – Adds a simple button next to the address bar for easy access to your bookmarks. Pretty straight forward, but saves some time if you dont like using the shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + O).
  • Facebook Notifications – Adds just that, notifications for Facebook. You can see what and when someone is writing to you, or something is posted on your wall/by your “good friends”-list. Saves you the trouble of keeping Facebook open.
  • IE Tab – Adds a button to switch to the Internet Explorer (Trident) engine. Useful for all those sites that are still not optimized for other browsers. Specially remote workplace websites have trouble with that, this saves you the hassle of opening it in IE yet again.
  • Magic Actions for YouTube – Gives more control over YouTube. Lets you start a video in hires by default and gives a Cinema mode which is a layover that makes watching the video somewhat easier on the eyes.
  • QR URL – Gives a button that generates a QR code from the URL. You can scan this with your smartphone and open the webpage on that without much hassle.
  • Replace New Tab Page – I use a custom startpage designed by myself to access my most common opened webpages quickly. This extension allows you to also set a custom page when you open a new tab in stead of the original Chrome new tab page.
  • Set Image as wallpaper – Always annoyed me that I had to save the image to disk first before I can set a Windows wallpaper from it. This gives the right mouse button option to set it directly from Chrome, with some options even.
  • Personal Blocklist (by Google) –  Adds the ability to block websites that you find suspicious (or just annoying) at any time. They’ll no longer appear in search results.
  • Mute Tab – Lets you mute the sound from as many tabs as you’d want, so you can listen to what you want to without interference from other sites.
  • AdBlock – I am sure this one is on everybody’s list. Blocks advertisements on almost every webpage even things like Facebook and YouTube.

Got some interesting extensions for Chrome? Share them in the comments.

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